Spring Check List

Once the spring cleaning is done, it’s time to give your home a spring check-up.   Adding these home maintenance tips to your routine can help your house operate more efficiently.

Check The A/C
Is your HVAC system running at its manufacturer-rated efficiency?   If you don’t know the answer to this question call a qualified HVAC contractor to come out and give your air-conditioning system a tune-up.  Also make sure to inspect your system’s condensate drain hose, especially if you live in a humid climate. This hose could become clogged with algae and sediment, and your contractor may charge you more to clean it out. Avoid this extra cost by checking the hose periodically yourself. Use a wet-vac to suction any blockage out from it.


Roofs And Gutters
Have you checked your roof in the last few years?  The hot summer sun can quickly damage a roof’s shingles.  Clean out the leaves and other debris that have collected in them. Then check to see if the gutters are safely attached and haven’t sprung any leaks. Avoid a basement flood by making sure that downspouts direct water away from the house’s foundation.

Right The Foundation
For further basement flood protection, inspect the foundation around your house before the spring rains. Look for cracks or imperfections, and seal them or call a contractor if necessary. Also look for low areas in the yard near the foundation that might pool water during a heavy rain. Level these yard depressions by filling them with compacted soil. Tend to any other “ponding” areas around the yard, too, because after a hard rain, standing water can develop. These puddles can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.